Book Recommendation – Feng Shui and Money: A Nine-Week Program for Creating Wealth Using Ancient Principles and Techniques

This is a workbook that helps you examine your relationship with money while teaching some of the basics of feng shui. If you follow the nine week program, you will find yourself in a new place about money and you’ll have a new grasp of feng shui and how it impacts your space.

I like how the book is balanced in that it includes “inner feng shui” aka you keep a prosperity journal that helps you examine your thoughts about money; practical feng shui aka arrangement of the items in your home, and spiritual feng shui aka blessings for your home.

If the nine week pace is too quick for you, then work with it on your own schedule. You could also read it backwards if you’re like me and you seem to always back into the best things while planning to do something else.

Feng Shui and Health: What’s the Connection?

sxc2014marapplenotepadIt’s worth mentioning the short answer which is…Feng Shui and Health are connected because everything is connected. I realize, however, that you didn’t click on this article to hear a big generalization. So let’s put some meat (or TVP for you veggies) on that statement.

Feng shui is the ancient study of how to arrange your environment to improve your life. If health is a concern of yours – or your clients – you’ll want to know how to arrange your space for maximum health.

Here are 3 quick tips to get you started.


No electronics near the bed. Move your telephone, radio, lighting, clock, tv, computer, and cell phone at least 4 feet away from your bed. These appliances all have electromagnetic waves which are in conflict with the human body’s electrical system. You may find that you sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

Use curves instead of straight lines. Straight lines and sharp edges create a harsh environment. Look around your home and office to see if there are ways to decrease straight lines and corners. Use plants (with rounded leaves) or other decor to help take the edge off. This will increase the comfort of your office for everyone.

Assess your artwork. Take a new look at the photos, paintings and even the view out your window. What we look at consistently can shape our thoughts which can also shape our energy. If we see something negative every day, it can affect our vitality. If your artwork is less than uplifting, change it out for something that feeds your energy. Then see what else changes in your life or business.

Remember to be aware of the thoughts, feelings and habits that you experience when you are in your home or office. If you are feeling drained consider environmental factors along with a mental and physical assessment.

Three Tips to Strengthen Family

sxc2014febrosesIf you are working on a project–such as adding a new service to your business–you know it’s easier when you have a supportive family behind you. Family could be defined traditionally as blood relatives or it could be defined as your close friends or it could be both.

To strengthen the supportive energy of family for your business or home life, enhance the areas in your space associated with family. In feng shui, the bagua is like a template that is placed over the floor plan of your business, home, or a room. Each area of your space then represents (like a metaphor) an area of your business or life.

Once you locate the family area, begin to look at it with new eyes.

First, notice if there is anything in the space that could be removed. As you look at each item, ask yourself, “Does it add beauty, functionality or somehow contribute to a sense of support?” If not, box it up and take it to the Salvation Army or sell it on Ebay. Even the most expensive items can drain your energy if they do not align with your intention. Replace items that you are tolerating with items that you love and that work perfectly.

Second, place furniture so that when you sit in it you face the door. You are most empowered when you have a view of the entrance to the space. Try to arrange all desks and seating so that people have at least a peripheral view of the entrance. If you must face away from the door place a mirror so that you can see the door behind you.

Third, add an enhancement. “Family” represents your strength. Positive energy in this area can lead to more supportive relationships with those closest to you. To pick an appropriate enhancement for this area, spend a few minutes thinking about what being supported feels like. There is no right answer. Many people incorporate photos of family, ancestors or other significant people in this area. Other good enhancements are items that represent wood such as depictions of trees, plants or flowers, the colors green or blue, or artwork that symbolizes family to you.

As you make changes to your space, keep your intentions in mind. The more you link the physical items in your space to your intentions, the better.